My name is Jaime and I live on a small homestead in the foothills of beautiful Appalachia. I have been interested in drawing since childhood. Growing up in a very remote area, I only had access to graphite pencils; and so I used what I had available and sketched what I saw around me in little, handmade books. Since then, I have been exposed to many mediums (and archival paper!) and enjoy everything from charcoal, to colored pencil, pen and ink, paint and watercolor. But my true love is working with soft pastels. The medium is unlike any other in that pastels are almost pure pigment color; creating vibrant, rich art.

Living in rural Appalachia, I am surrounded by gorgeous mountains, beautiful farms, abundant wildlife and domestic farm animals. I take my inspiration from the world around me and create art that displays these subjects in a new light. I also enjoy creating portraits, custom pet portraits, house portraits and other commissions for clients all over the world including the US, Canada and Australia.

When I am not painting, I spend time with my husband, two teen girls, a flock of crazy chickens, and my house bunny Bella.

Be sure to check out my Store page to view art for sale and feel free to contact me if you are interested in commissioning a portrait, pet portrait, house portrait or other art. You can also follow me on Instagram to see my latest works.

Member of the Appalachian Pastel Society and the Pastel Society of North Carolina.